One of the Best Days of Life

When I first started my search many, many years ago, I posted a message about my great-grandmother’s sister’s husband (say that five times fast). His name was misspelled on the records for Ellis Island. Because I was have to prove – through a variety of sources – that this was the correct person, I posted a message on roots web in case anyone else was looking for him. I added his wife’s name (my great grandmother’s sister) as a side note. The post wasn’t about her at all but about him. Turned out that I someone in Lithuania was trying to find out about her family. Her grandfather’s sisters and one brother had all emigrated to the US. She was searching for names and came upon my post. In 2005 I received one of the best emails I ever had and it started with the words “I think we are related”. Her grandfather was my great-grandmother’s brother. As timing would have it, I had already planned a trip to Lithuania the following week – seriously. I knew NOTHING of where my family came from in Lithuania except that they had come from there. I had hit nothing but brick walls up to that point. The trip was scheduled as a side trip just to go to the country where my great-grandparents had come from because I was already going to spend some time in England. I hadn’t even planned to leave the Capitol city of Vilnius. Well, I now had a direct relative that I was going to visit. To say that the day I spent with them was one of the best days of my entire life would be the biggest understatement. But it all started with a post about someone who was married into the family.

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