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Charles Raye

My Great Grand-Father was named Kazimieras Peter Ruzenskas – at least to the best of our knowledge. I say that because he entered the United States via Ellis Island under the name Kazimieras Uzienas on 12 February 1915. He also used this same name when he registered for the draft in WWI.

He listed his date of birth as 16 JAN 1886. He was born in Lithuania. On the ship manifest, he listed Salany as his place of residence.

He also used the following variations on the name: Rosinsky (spelling on first daughter, Frances’ birth certificate); Ruyenos (spelling on second daughter, Albina’s birth certificate); Rozenas (marriage certificate).

Sometime between 1925 and 1930, they changed the last name to Raye/Ray (used both) though the children all continued to use Ruzenskas (or a variation of included Rusenskas) through school. He also changed his first name to Charles (which is the American version of Kazimieras).

He married Anna Gališanskaitė on 7 Feb 1915 in Brooklyn, New York.

Around 1925 the family moved to Great Neck, New York (Long Island) and that is where Charles and Anna both lived until their deaths.

Charles died 08 MAR 1979

I have been unable to locate any information on this side of the family back in Lithuania.

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