The spelling of your European ancestor's name bears no relationship to its current spelling or pronunciation.

Names I’m Researching

I have a bunch of names that I am researching. Here are just a few:

Name: Villemaire:
Variations: Villermaire, Villemarie, Villmare, Vilmare, Vilamarie, Vilamaire, Vilmere, Villmere, Villamere, Vilamere, Vilamare, Villamare
Location(s): Massachusetts – with a focus on Boston, Dorchester and Cambridge & Canada (French Canadian)

Name: McArdle
Variations: McCardle
Location(s): Massachusetts – with a focus on Boston & Dorchester, Ireland

Name: Ruzenskis
Variations: Rusenskis, Rusenskas, Ruzenskas
Location(s): Lithuania & New York – with a focus on Brooklyn from 1910 through 1930 and Great Neck, New York from 1930 on.


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