Elizabeth”Bessie” (Ekins or Etkins) McArdle

My 3rd Great-Grandmother was Elizabeth”Bessie” Etkins or Ekins.

I have zero information on her outside of her marriage record to Thomas McArdle.

14 Aug 1853, County Louth, Ireland
Parrish: Dunleer
Thomas McArdle
Address: Whitetown, County Louth, Ireland
Elizabeth Ekins
Address: Whitetown, County Louth, Ireland
Source: Ireland Roman Catholic Parish Marriages

I know that she must have resided in County Louth at some point because it is listed on her marriage record. Outside of that I have not been able to find any other records in Ireland related to anyone with the family name of Ekins or Etkins.

The name Etkins comes from her daughters Bridget and Catherine. Both also emigrated to Boston and their marriage and death records show Elizabeth Etkins (not Ekins) as their mother’s name.

I assume her birth would be sometime in the 1830’s based on her marriage date and birth of the first child I was able to find.



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